We are a collaborative practice, combining our technical expertise and boutique-level service with skilled contractors and visionary owners with high expectations.  The end result is an exceptional experience that produces some of Manhattan’s most well-appointed luxury homes.  And while great design along with world class finishes can create the desired aesthetic, a truly successful project is always driven and measured by an exceptional team working with a sole purpose - to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.


Our team brings together architects, contractors, interior designers, and other professionals into unity and clear communication. Our experience with large-scale projects ensures that all parties can effectively plan and move forward in the best process possible.


Dealing with zoning laws in any city or town represents many challenges. Whether you want to consolidate two condo units, create an addition to an existing building, or simply a Change of Use, we advise our clients and designers in order to navigate these complex zoning laws and remove the frustrations that normally arise during the architectural process.


Without experience and knowledge about local ordinances and governmental agencies, projects can often take years longer than they need to. Our expediting team ensures that your plans and paperwork are submitted to the right agencies at the right time, in order to accelerate the time it takes to complete projects.


In addition to Zoning consulting, our team of Code experts can address code issues well in advance, to save time and money in navigating the complex code and construction restrictions set by national, state and local law.


Most building owners don't have the time to ensure every aspect of their project is being completed correctly and on time. We help owners understand each step of the architectural design and build process and assist with the complex coordination that accompanies the process.


Large projects need oversight and feedback from numerous professionals. We help large scale projects by adding value in an executive capacity, reviewing the work of other architects, engineers, contractors and specialists for completeness, accuracy, and effectiveness. The peer review process can often save millions by fixing issues before they become costly long-term problems.